Best Tips And Tricks To Travel With Kids That Will Save Your Next Family Vacation In 2023

Travel can be an educational and eye-opening experience for kids of all ages. Not to mention family time, there are new meals, experiences, and sites to see. However, taking a family vacation can take time and effort. You may have to deal with unpredictable schedules, long packing lists, and restless kids. But, with our assistance, you can travel with children with ease. Travel the world with your kids and create lifelong memories. Isn’t that the purpose of traveling with kids? This post will highlight and discuss the best tips and tricks for traveling with kids in 2023 that will save you money.


Book Early

The earlier you plan your vacation, especially during busy travel periods, the more likely you will benefit from early-bird discounts and greater availability of alternative accommodations. For example, with lower pricing, early birds are more likely to secure adjacent seats on trains or airlines, better rental car deals, and preferable hotel accommodations.


Sign Up For Discounts.

If you subscribe to the promotional emails and newsletters of well-known family attractions like Universal Orlando, Walt Disney World, and Disneyland resorts, you’ll first learn about their latest promotions. 


This could be cheap airfare, free hotel upgrades, or even a free extra night (usually on a Monday morning), making an otherwise expensive vacation much more affordable.


Enroll Everyone In Rewards Programs For Travel.

Your family has likely registered for airline points for the adults, but you might have yet to remember to enroll the children. 


Before your departure, make sure to enroll them so they can also receive credit for the travel. The earlier your child accumulates airline points, like those you earn via United Mileage Plus, the sooner they can benefit from advantages like free upgrades and priority seat selection.


Give Yourself Enough Time Beforehand

If this is your first family trip (or even your 20th), it’s always a good idea to double or triple your estimation of how long everything will take. 

You cannot control unexpected adverse weather, flight delays, or other occurrences. It will only help if you argue or lose your temper with the gate agent. 


Expressing your annoyance will ruin your day and might even influence your children. It is preferable to welcome the unexpected. No matter how hard you try, nothing can be planned. Just chill, have fun when traveling, and be prepared for anything.  


Try To Travel In The Early Or Late Afternoon.

Avoid selecting early morning or late-night departure times for planes, trains, or buses if your timetable is flexible. Instead, try to go between 10:00 a.m. and 3 p.m. You will only need to rush during rush hour or get the kids up early in the morning that way (a tactic that inevitably leads to meltdowns). 


In addition, you save energy and money because this time is typically the least busy at most airports and frequently has the lowest ticket pricing.


Don’t Book The First Or Last Flight Of The Day.

The first or last flights of the day are frequently targeted for modifications when the weather is bad or when an airline needs to make unforeseen changes to its schedule, which could cause significant travel disruption for your family. 


Even worse, if you’re scheduled to take the day’s final flight to your destination, and it is delayed, you risk spending the night at the airport and maybe missing a day of your family’s well-deserved vacation. Instead, consider renting lodging at the airport if you must catch an extremely early flight so that you are at least very close.


Create A Written Trip Cheat Sheet.

The names of all family members traveling, the hotels’ locations, airline confirmation numbers, and travel dates should all be included in this. Give every family member a copy of the material and place it all in one convenient online location, such as a shared Google doc.


Make a list of essentials while you’re at it, such as your passport, credit cards, and your child’s comfort item. Next, choose an all-inclusive resort or a cruise, and then double- and triple-check that you have.


Select A Place With A Kitchen.

When traveling with children, having a fridge, stove, and microwave available is lovely, and you won’t want to stay in a regular room again. The good news is that many hotels have recognized this relationship and offer cooking facilities in their guest rooms. 


So even if the accommodation costs a little extra, you’ll save money on dining out, and the convenience is unmatched.

Organize Your Travel And Nap Times.

There isn’t a kid on an airplane that is more silent than one that is asleep, after all. But only try this if your child is a regular napper who can nap anywhere. Do the exact opposite if your kid isn’t a good travel napper. 


Bottom Line

This guide should have allayed your concerns about traveling with kids and given you the courage to pursue your long- or short-term travel goals while carrying a child on your back instead of a backpack. 

At Secret Traveler, we consider it an honor to work with tourists of all ages who do not let their fear keep them from traveling.

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